Plastic Wine Barrels

Vintners around the globe are switching to plastic wine barrels for their wine fermentation and storage devices.Tanks for Wine offers the best in stainless steel solutions and superior plastic wine barrels. With over 20 years of experience in the liquid packaging industry, we have a variety of plastic wine barrels to meet the demands of every wine producer.

Tanks for Wine is the industry’s leading source for storage tanks and our plastic wine barrels are now being utilized by companies who want to get an edge on production.Tanks for Wine has been a world leader in the production of plastic wine barrels for nearly 20 years. Constant innovation and concern for the environment make us the first choice when choosing plastic wine barrels for your business. This is not your grandfather’s equipment: our line of quality plastic wine barrels outperforms the outdated wooden barrel designs of the past.


Typically, wine production is a process passed down over generations. However, Tanks for Wine takes great ideas from the past and also utilizes the latest research when designing our plastic wine barrels in order to help vintners produce the highest yields possible. Plastic wine barrels are more hygienic, more oxygen permeable, and easier to clean than the expensive, old-world oak barrels of the past. We offer a varied selection of plastic wine barrels that will reduce costs and time spent making high-quality wine. We use the latest techniques and innovation and our plastic wine barrels can help you save time, space, and money.


We listen to our customers and consider their feedback in order to provide the most creative and innovative plastic wine barrels imaginable. Utilizing the latest research in fermentation, our Flextank plastic wine barrels replicate all key barrel functions – without the cost and inconvenience of the cumbersome wooden barrels of the past.


Flextank plastic wine barrels are much more durable as well. Unlike barrels stored on racks, Flextanks are space-efficient and may actually double your cellar capacity. For example, our Flextank Dexter 300 gallon pallet plastic wine barrels actually take rectangular form and can be stacked three high with a forklift. These are the plastic wine barrels of choice when it comes to space solutions. An equivalent of fifteen barrels of wine can now be stacked in a room as small as 13.3 square feet. We are also able to provide previously used cages for your plastic wine barrels to help keep the costs down on these units! Come check out our line of plastic wine barrels and see what makes us a national leader in wine tank and liquid storage equipment.

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