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When you’re making a top-notch product it helps to have high quality equipment. That’s why so many winemakers turn to Tanks For Wine when they need a quality fermentation tank.


Wine Industry Storage Solutions

Washability and cleanliness are paramount, which is why Tanks For Wine carries both stainless steel vessels and polyethylene flextanks. Made from food-grade materials and to industrial standards, these can be reused over and over without fear of any taint or carryover.


Fermentation and maturation are natural processes that shouldn’t be hurried, but that means storing a lot of liquid. Barrels don’t offer good space utilization, and that can limit output, unless you find a bigger space to operate from. In contrast, flextanks are designed with both ease of use and storage in mind. They’re easy to move around and can actually double cellar capacity compared with barrels on racks.


Yield is always a concern; that’s why winemakers have always fretted over the “Angel’s Share.” But with a polyethylene flextank that loss is eliminated. Plus, there’s no need to top up and the flavor volatiles are retained. Another example of how a good fermentation tank helps produce quality wine!
Whether you want stainless steel for the primary fermentation or a flextank for secondary fermentation and aging, Tanks For Wine has what you need. With a wide range of tanks and liquid storage solutions and twenty years of experience, Tanks for Wine can provide you with the tools and equipment to make a quality product.

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