Tanks For Wine, Stainless Steel Fermentation Tanks


With 20 years in business and multiple locations across the US, Tanks for Wine is the wine industry’s source for stainless steel fermentation tanks, parts and accessories. Tanks for Wine offers the best selection of industrial grade vessels which can help reduce costs and time spent making high quality wine. Browse their products to discover how you can save time & money while yielding the best quality wine possible by using stainless steel fermentation tanks


The fermentation tank is the optimum stainless solution to wine making, including a dimple heat transfer surface to facilitate targeted cooling objectives. All standard Wine tank products come equipped with a food grade interior weld finish. Additional standard features of their Fermentation Tanks include 304 stainless steel construction, 22 1/2” diameter top fill opening with 2” sanitary clamp style connection in center of lid, 2” sanitary 90º elbow outlet in “no heel” sloped bottom of tank facilitates complete drainage, lifting/stacking lugs, and standard sizes that range from 120 gallons − 790 gallons. Options for their Fermentation tanks include: Dimpled heat transfer surface for cooling, Interior USDA finish or Food Grade weld finish, 1 1/2”, 2” or 3” Sanitary racking fittings, Thermowell for temperature monitoring, sanitary butterfly valves and sample port valve, open top model available, additional sanitary fittings available, several manway styles and sizes are available, 17” x 13” side door manway.


Tanks for Wine continues to be an industry leader in the liquid packaging industry. Producing quality stainless steel fermentation tanks is just one of the reasons why they are a nationwide leader in supplying tanks, parts, and accessories nationwide. Tanks for Wine is a family based business with over 20 years in the liquid packaging industry. Started in 1985 by President Gary Clancy, the company has grown to become the industries leading liquid packing supplier. Tanks For Wine is very proud of the fact that they have long time employees that all believe in superior customer service, high quality products, and a professional & ethical sales organization.

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